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Vacation Rentals in Thailand

Thailand vacation rentalRenting a vacation home in Thailand is an excellent way to make your dollars stretch far. From apartments in Bangkok to villas on Ko Samui, vacation rentals are available in most tourist hotspots around the country. Renting a vacation home means you’ll have more privacy than at a resort, as well as the convenience of your own kitchen. In luxury villas you can virtually count on having your own swimming pool. If you’re traveling in a group with friends or other families, sharing the cost of a several-bedroom villa can be cheaper than staying at a luxury resort, especially for longer stays. Often cooks are on-site and will prepare meals you, and housekeeping is often also available on a regular basis.

Prices for homes are usually by the week or month, but some are available on a nightly basis as well. Prices go as high as your imagination, but it’s not far-fetched to find a villa that sleeps 4-6 people for $500 USD per week on an island like Phuket.

To find the best vacation rental in Thailand for your needs, use a booking widget in order to search many listings at once. Decide your location first, and then sort by price and size. You can search thousands of vacation rentals in Thailand right here.

A few details to think about when you’re booking your Thailand vacation rental:

Where will everyone sleep? If the accommodation advertises room for six people, ensure that four of them aren’t going to be crammed into the living room on uncomfortable fold-out sofas.

How accessible is it? Staying in a hilltop villa in the jungle is great, but, especially if you’re traveling with children, you’ll want to make sure you have decent access to a town or village. If you’re renting a car, you won’t have to worry as much. If not, consider how you’ll get in and out, especially if there’s an emergency.

How close to the sights is it? Some vacation rentals might advertise themselves as being on a certain beach, and you arrive to find that being on the beach means being in the beach town… and you have to walk a kilometer to get your feet sandy.  Make sure the property is in the best location for your needs, whether that be city life or jungle solitude.

What services are available? Will someone clean the rooms and kitchen daily or weekly, or at all? Are there extra service charges? Find out ahead of time what kind of services are available and included.

What amenities are available? If you need Internet, make sure there’s a cable or wifi connection, and be sure to find out if it will cost extra. Ditto goes for air-con (you’ll usually find that it’s available), a DVD player, and cable.

Renting a vacation home in Thailand is an excellent way to relax in one place for a while, and enjoy the privacy and luxury of your own accommodation. It’s also great for friends and families traveling together, an often you end up spending less than you would at a resort of equal caliber.

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