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Guest Houses

Neither a hotel nor a bed and breakfast, guest houses are Thailand’s equivalent of an inn. Typically family run and with anything from a couple to several dozen rooms, guest houses in Thailand are found everywhere and generally offer more intimate experiences than busy hotels.

What are guest houses in Thailand like?
You’ll find all comfort levels and prices widely available, though in general Thailand’s guest houses are geared towards the budget traveler. They’re a great deal, and just because they are inexpensive it doesn’t mean that they are only for young backpackers. Rather, because they are usually a family atmosphere, guest houses are commonly quieter and more personable than hotels.

Often a small restaurant or Internet cafe will occupy the ground floor of the guest house, with the family living behind that. Rooms are commonly upstairs, and the mid-range ones can have air-conditioning, TV, and a private bathroom.

How much will a room in a guest house in Thailand cost?

A small single room and shared bath in a less-visited town can cost as little as 100 baht, though you should expect to pay closer to 300-500 baht for an average room. Occasionally breakfast will be included, often a simple affair of white bread toast and jam, with instant coffee.

How can I book a room in a guest house?

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