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Thailand might be a rather small country but there is a lot to do and see here. There are countless of travel guides written about this Asian country and it’s almost impossible to comprise everything in a book, let alone on a website. However, here’s a short synopsis of what to expect when you travel to Thailand.

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From maps to language tips and info on what kind of outlet adapter, the Essentials page has all the boring need-to-know stuff, including vaccines and visa requirements.

Flights to Thailand

Most travelers arrive in Thailand by plane on Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok). The new airport receives flights from all over the world. During the high season, there are also charter flights from Europe and Australia directly into the beach resorts areas. With careful planning you can book a cheap ticket to Thailand.

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Where to stay in Thailand:

Accommodation takes many forms in Thailand: from the cheap hotels and hostels to the luxury resorts and pretty much everything in between. Prices tend to be higher during the high season – October to May – especially in the beaches areas while in the cities prices remain the same during the entire year (generally). Remember to book your hotel well in advance especially if you plan to visit during the high season.

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Getting around in Thailand

There are nine major airports in Thailand which makes traveling by air the best option for any traveler. Train and buses are notorious for being slow and the railways only cover part of the country.

Public transport in Thailand includes everything from buses, tuk-tuk, metered taxis, express boats and the Skytrain (in Bangkok).

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