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Internet Cafes in Bangkok

Because Bangkok is so used to tourists, it shouldn’t be surprising that you’ll find tons of internet cafes in Bangkok. It also shouldn’t be surprising that many of them are concentrated around backpacker central, AKA Khao San Road, but you don’t need to go to Khao San Road if you’re not already staying in one of the hostels or hotels in the vicinity just to find an internet cafe.

When you’re booking your Bangkok hotel or hostel, be sure to check whether they offer free internet or WiFi access right on the premises. More and more hotels are offering the service, although many will charge you a fee for it. If the fee is low enough, it may be roughly what you’d pay at an internet cafe & therefore be worth it so as not to make a special trip somewhere else just to check email.

For those of you without WiFi or internet access in your hotel or hostel, the other heavily touristed areas where you’ll find higher numbers of internet cafes are on the popular Sukhumvit Road (shopper’s paradise) or around Silom. There are other areas of the city which are less frequented by tourists and yet still have internet cafes – these are primarily for the locals, and may offer lower prices per hour.

When you’re looking at the fees each internet cafe in Bangkok charges, be sure to read the fine print – many have a “minimum charge” so that even if you’re on & off the computer in under five minutes you’ll still be charged, for instance, for 10 minutes. Make sure you know about this before you sit down at a computer!

You’ll find a list of some of the internet cafes in Bangkok on this page, which you can also edit if you find incorrect information or know about an internet cafe that isn’t listed.