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The most expensive part of Thailand is getting there. Especially if you live in the Western Hemisphere. Once you’re on the ground, Thailand represents an excellent dollar stretching value, which is why it’s long been a standard on the Southeast Asia backpacking circuit, and why it was named one of the Top 10 Value Destinations for Australian Travelers in 2016.

Australians are lucky, because Thailand is pretty nearby and Air Asia runs inexpensive flights between the continents daily. But Americans,

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10 Thai Words to Learn Before You Travel to ThailandFor travelers visiting Thailand, Phuket Airfares is the best source for great deals on airfare. Before departing, however, it is highly recommended that travelers learn a few common terms in Thai to better interact with locals and ensure the best travel experience. Here is a list of 10 common and useful phrases.

1. Ka and Krub

Ka and Krub are added to the end of a sentence to denote respect. For men, krub is used while for women ka is the correct

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Phuket Weather GuideThe best time to visit Phuket depends on many factors. Weather may be the main issue for people. Some people like the low season because the island has fewer visitors and resort and airfares are lower. Some people prefer the high season because of the crowds and nightlife. It is up to people to research and make a decision. Since Phuket weather is a major factor, the seasons and climate you might expect are described below.

Phuket, Thailand has three seasons.

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BootsnAll has been working hard lately at updating their indie travel guides and destination specific content. With Thailand as one of the top  indie travel destinations in the world and a great home base for travel in Southeast Asia, we offer plenty of articles and resources to help plan your next trip.

Check out the following articles and resources to help plan your trip to one of the best backpacking regions around:

Everything You Need to Know About Train Travel in Southeast
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Why You Should Add Thailand to Your Indie TripEver since the hippies first set foot in Thailand back in the 60′s, it has been a popular tourist destination. Even as recent as the mid-90s Thailand still had plenty of undiscovered locales and islands. Not so now.

While it’s not terribly easy to get off-the-beaten path in Thailand anymore, there is a reason that tourists keep flocking to The Land of Smiles. Actually, there are countless reasons.

While the headier than thou backpacking crowd may scoff at it being an indie

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10 Days in Thailand: Itinerary IdeasWhether you’re just passing through or making Thailand a destination, you are sure to join the millions of travelers who reminisce fondly over their stay in the land of smiles. With a welcoming culture and a tourist infrastructure that caters to all types of travelers – from luxury to budget ends of the spectrum – there is something for everyone to love in Thailand. As the growing community of expats show, you may end up staying way past your first

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