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Why You Should Add Thailand to Your Indie Trip

Ever since the hippies first set foot in Thailand back in the 60’s, it has been a popular tourist destination. Even as recent as the mid-90s Thailand still had plenty of undiscovered locales and islands. Not so now.

While it’s not terribly easy to get off-the-beaten path in Thailand anymore, there is a reason that tourists keep flocking to The Land of Smiles. Actually, there are countless reasons.

While the headier than thou backpacking crowd may scoff at it being an indie travel destination, there are still plenty of ways to have an indie travel experience in Thailand.

Here are just a few reasons to add Thailand to your trip, whether it’s just a couple week jaunt through the region or as part of a longer, round the world trip.

  • The people are still as friendly as ever.  Many locals would be sick of tourists by now and become jaded, but not the Thais.  You’ll still be greeted with a giant smile in most places.  An even bigger one if you try to speak some of the language.  Learning “Hello” and “Thank you” will do wonders.
  • While some islands and beaches have been overrun with giant resorts, there are well over 1000 islands in Thailand.  They aren’t all overrun.
  • If you travel for food, then there is no better place to go than Thailand, particularly if you are into the local, street food scene.  Safe, delicious, and cheap – three great criteria for food.  Read Cheap Eats in Bangkok: Life Beyond Pad Thai for more information on the street food scene in Bangkok.

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