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Why 2016 is THE Year to Travel to Thailand

The most expensive part of Thailand is getting there. Especially if you live in the Western Hemisphere. Once you’re on the ground, Thailand represents an excellent dollar stretching value, which is why it’s long been a standard on the Southeast Asia backpacking circuit, and why it was named one of the Top 10 Value Destinations for Australian Travelers in 2016.

Australians are lucky, because Thailand is pretty nearby and Air Asia runs inexpensive flights between the continents daily. But Americans, Europeans and those with Canadian Dollars in their pockets are also going to find a great value in Thailand, and the distance is just one more good reason to stay longer once you get there!

Why go to Thailand? Here’s some inspiration:

Let’s start with 10 Reasons to Visit Thailand Now, shall we: Food, beaches, spas, shopping… and so much more. Stop making excuses. Get there.

Have you heard of Thailand’s “Banana Pancake” Trail? We’ve got 5 Tips for avoiding it.

Get wet and wild at Songkran With The Locals.

The food in Thailand is amazing. Try These 8 Dishes in Bangkok, and when you’re done with those, try these 5 Unmissable Thai Dishes.

When you get sick of the cities, you could Cast Away on the Similan Islands. (Yes please!)

If sustainability in travel is a core value for you, check out these 7 Sustainable Ways to Dive Into Thai Culture

And of course if you’re going to Thailand, you’ll want to Learn to Wai like a Thai!