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Visit Thailand Now

Stuck in a rut and have no idea what to do during the next months? Why not plan to visit Thailand? AirAsia flight deals are quite abundant right now and it’s affordable to fly within Thailand and plan an interesting tour of the country. Thailand is a cheap country to visit and if you plan the vacation right, you’ll be happy to see that you don’t need to break the bank to afford something nice.

There are countless of things to do in Thailand and plenty of places to visit. You should consider starting the tour in Bangkok.

Flights to Bangkok are cheap and airlines fly here from all over the world. Book your flight in advance to benefit from the low fares and don’t forget to check the web-only deals as well. Although, if you fly from the States or Europe the flight will make up the bulk of your travel expenses. For example a round trip flight from New York in mid-September starts at $1082USD (Finnair), while a round trip flight from London starts at $688USD (Air India).

Also, cheap Bangkok hotels are very easy to find. You’ll soon realize that even a room in a 3-star hotel starts at around $40USD per night.

Since Bangkok is located in central Thailand, it’s very easy to plan visiting other parts of the country. A one way flight to Phuket starts at $30USD (including taxes) which is an excellent bargain and a good excuse to just pack the bags and go.

Or you can even plan to visit other Asian countries. You can fly to Taipei (Taiwan) for just $130USD round trip (including taxes) and have a blast exploring the island.