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Thailand News: 08.14.08

Here are some Thailand items in the news lately:

  • Nine deer from a critically endangered species have been released in Thailand into one of the country’s national parks.
  • A man was found beheaded in southern Thailand, believed to be the victim of “suspected Muslim insurgents.”
  • In addition to Grand Theft Auto, 9 other games have been labeled as too violent in Thialand after a man killed a taxi driver in an alleged GTA-style murder.
  • Scientists are on the hunt for massive rays in Thailand – the fish kind, not the sun kind.
  • A Thai woman won the gold in the women’s 53kg weightlifting competition, and has received a thank-you from the Queen.
  • The green papaya salad you can get from street food vendors in Bangkok apparently ranks among the world’s best street foods.
  • After Thailand’s former prime minister had corruption charges brought against him and his wife was thrown in jail, the pair have now jumped bail and fled to the UK, where they’d been living in exile. Thailand says it’s going to seek extradition for the couple to face a judge back home.
  • Three members of one family were gunned down in southern Thailand by what authorities are saying was a group of “separatist rebels.”