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Thailand News 08.01.08

Here are some Thailand items in the news lately:

  • The Six Senses Destination Spa near Phuket makes this list of 10 spas to “tone without tears” – in other words, you’ll get at least some aspect of your body into shape without dealing with muscle aches the day after. In this Thai spa, you can choose from Thai, Indian, Chinese or Indonesian themes for your treatments.
  • The governments of both Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to remove roughly 1,200 troops which have been stationed near a temple on the border between the two countries. The land around the temple is disputed.
  • 15 fishermen died in Jakarta of what officials say was alcohol poisoning, and 14 of them were from Thailand.
  • Thailand’s Supreme Court has agreed to hear a corruption case against the country’s ousted prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.
  • US President Bush will be in Thailand on August 6-7 and will meet with activists from Myanmar during his visit.
  • Thailand’s official tourism department has given its approval to the Bangkok International Film Festival’s date choice – it’ll be September 23-30, 2008.