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Start Your Round the World Trip in Thailand

Most round the world travelers end up going through (if not spending much of their trip in) Southeast Asia. It’s easy to get around and explore a variety of cultures and landscapes in a relatively small area and of course, the value for your dollar can’t be beat.If Southeast Asia is on your rtw itinerary, why not make Thailand your first stop.

Whether you’re looking for around the world flights or booking flights as you go, you’ll immediately notice that it’s often much cheaper to fly a major carrier into a central hub and then take ground transportation or regional budget carrier flights to you final destination.

Bangkok is one of those central hubs, and you’ll see that flights here are cheaper than to smaller cities in surrounding countries. Plus, many travelers say that starting in Thailand helps ease a person into life in Southeast Asia; there is a better tourist infrastructure, making it one of the “easier” countries, especially if it’s your first time to Southeast Asia.

It’s also a good way to start learning how far your money can go in the region. You’ll be surprised how cheap hotels in Bangkok are, not mention the low cost of the city’s delicious street food. And from Bangkok, it’s easy to strike out for elsewhere in Thailand or in the Southeast Asia region.

If you’re planning a round the world trip, don’t forget to check out our handy list of the best iPhone apps for RTW trips, which can help you plan a budget, map out a route and make your trip unforgettable once you’re on your way.

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