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Next Stop After Thailand on RTW Tour: India

indiaMany people who embark on long-term trips do so because they’re hoping to get more out of the money they spend. Especially if you live in the US or in Europe, there are places in the world where you can live for much less – which can also mean traveling for much longer (never a bad thing). SE Asia – and Thailand in particular – is one of the places that tends to be high on budget travelers’ lists, partly for this very reason.

Because Thailand is so traveler-friendly, it’s a great first stop on any around the world ticket – Bangkok gives you a chance to settle into the rhythm of traveling, gives you a glimpse of that sense of “other” you’ll get from cultures very different from your own, and yet still has an excellent tourist infrastructure to catch you when you fall.

When you’re ready to take the training wheels off, then, where do you go? When you’ve had your fill of SE Asia’s glorious weather, colors, and food, what’s next?


Another popular stop on a RTW trip, India also fills the budget-friendly travel role quite well – but unlike most cities in Thailand, India is a bit more challenging to travel in. This is precisely why it’s a good idea to make sure your tickets to India are scheduled after your trip to Thailand and SE Asia. Get your feet wet there, so you aren’t completely thrown off when you get to India.

If you do happen to find yourself overwhelmed by India and in need of a break from all the noise, people, and chaos, then you’ll be glad to know India can even be more budget-friendly than Thailand in some ways. For instance, if you’re typically a hostel-goer, but your soul just needs a bubble bath in a private bathroom (or, hell, just a private bathroom) to relax a bit, then don’t overlook the many cheap hotels in Mumbai or any other Indian city – you may be surprised how much hotel room your money will buy.

And in the end, if you just can’t handle India and find yourself missing Thailand, there’s nothing to say you can’t backtrack and go back to that hostel you loved in Bangkok again!

photo by Ahron de Leeuw