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How To Visit the Location of the Movie “The Beach”

Movie The Beach ThailandIf you’re looking for information about visiting the location of the movie “The Beach,” which was filmed in Thailand in 2000 and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, look no further. This picturesque bay is a favorite of holiday-makers in Thailand, and a relatively easy spot to visit.

Where was “The Beach” filmed?

We have a lot more information on the location where the movie “The Beach” was filmed, but here is some basic information:

The movie “The Beach” was filmed in Maya Bay, a small cove surrounded by 300-foot cliffs. Maya Bay is on the island Ko Phi Phi Leh, a picturesque and uninhabited island on Thailand’s west coast. Ko Phi Phi Leh is the smallest of the two Phi Phi islands; many travelers are familiar with Ko Phi Phi Don, which is larger than Leh and offers accommodation.
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How to get to the site of “The Beach”

You can visit Maya Bay on day trips from Ko Phi Phi Don, Phuket, and Krabi. If you’re coming from Ko Phi Phi Don, you can take a long-tail boat. Since Phuket and Krabi are further, transportation will be on a speedboat, and definitely more expensive.

When is the best time to visit Maya Bay?

Like most of Thailand, between the months of November and April is the best time to visit the location of “The Beach.” But beyond seasons, the best literal “time” to visit the bay is around sunrise and sunset. This is because you want to avoid the masses of tourists who flock to this picturesque bay.

I’ve heard more than one first-person account of travelers who were some of the first tourists on the beach in the morning, and all raved about it. It’s definitely worth not drinking a bunch of Singha the night before and booking a super early boat.

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Where to stay near the “The Beach”

There is no accommodation on Maya Bay, though a few people camp out there. Tour groups run camping trips, and if you don’t mind camping in near-jungle, having the beach to yourself is divine.

The closest place for “real” accommodation is on Ko Phi Phi Don. You’ll find backpacker huts here, as well as upscale resorts. Phi Phi Don is also incredibly scenic, and a great place to stay.

Further out are Phuket and Krabi, from where you’ll have to take a speedboat in to Maya Bay. All ranges of accommodation are available in these spots, and they’re relatively easy to reach by all sorts of transportation.

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