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How Not to Ruin Your Vacation

In case you haven’t noticed by now, touts and hawkers are everywhere, regardless of which continent you plan to travel to. Surely, in some places – like Central Eastern Europe and South Asia – they can be downright annoying but all we can do is learn to avoid them…gracefully.

As independent travelers we’ll all face not-so-lovely experiences, from time to time. Imagine that after you’ve look for flights to Thailand , booked the best flight for your budget and just arrived in the country’s capital, numerous taxi drivers want to “help”. And they get pretty annoying. You can get mad and spoil your arrival, or just head to the official taxi stand and grab a taxi which won’t rip your budget.

So now with one of the cheap Bangkok hotels booked, the fun is about to begin. But…wait! Everywhere you look someone wants to sell you something. Of course you are in danger of getting ripped off. Best way out of it? A local friend! You can explore the city like a local and won’t risk paying too much for anything.

Or just go with the “sorry…no thanks” reply and this should get them off your hook. At least for a while…

I almost always use the public transport and do my shopping at the market, regardless of which city I visit…that’s unless I meet up with a friend who lives there. Then, I am up for anything!

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