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Gift Ideas for the Thailand Lover

You can’t bottle up the smells or sounds of Thailand – the “pokpok” of a mortar and pestle, the scent of motorbike exhaust mingled with chilies – but you can do your best to bring a little bit of the country back home to share with others. Following are a few holiday gift ideas for Thailand fans, and a great way to share a little bit about the country with friends back home:

Thai spices

Throw together a gift basket filled with the spices that make Thai food so yummy and unique. It’s more fun to buy them in Thailand at the market than at the supermarket back home, and you can throw in some market photos with the gift. Look for star anise, dried chilies, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, galangal, and maybe a bottle of tamarind sauce, just to name a few. If you don’t mind the weight, mortar and pestles are inexpensive and are a great accompaniment to the herbs and spices.

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Thailand books

If you know someone going to Thailand, this is a great opportunity to help inspire them for their trip. If you know someone who’s longing for Thailand after a visit, you can help ease the pain with a beautiful book of photography. Either way, a book about Thailand is a great gift.

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What better way to remember lazy beach days than with a hammock? Portable and easily-packed, a hammock is a great way to bring a little bit of island life back with you.

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Triangle pillows

If you took any of your meals sitting on the floor in Thailand, then you’re probably familiar with the triangle-shaped pillows like these that give your back a bit of support. They make unique and functional living room decorations, and are definitely a gift that screams “Thailand.”

Fisherman’s pants

These one-size-fits-all pants are about as comfy as it gets, and function as pajama bottoms, yoga pants, and about anything else. The wrap-and-tie method means they’ll fit anyone – just choose your length and color!

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Krating Dang

The original Red Bull, Krating Dang isn’t sold in the US. You can find it everywhere in Thailand, though, and it comes in small little bottles that are nice keepsakes. If you want to get really wild, throw in a matching Krating Dang t-shirt purchased on Khao San Road…

Charity donation

Head over to for an extensive list of organizations that help animals and children, as well as fund community development projects. Make a donation in a friend’s name, and help make Thailand a better place.

Photos by: wharman, Rene Ehrhardt