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Finding Public Toilets in Thailand

If the many threads on the BootsnAll message boards about how to use a squat toilet are any indication, the subject of where to find decent public toilets when traveling is a question many people think about before they set out on a trip. And since the public bathrooms in Asia have a less-than-glorious reputation, I was interested to check out the listings for the public toilets in Thailand on The Bathroom Diaries.

The Bathroom Diaries is a clever site that has public bathrooms listed for cities all over the world. Reviews of the facilities are entered by real people, and include criteria like overall cleanliness and whether or not there’s a fee for use. Not every city in the world – let alone every city in Thailand – is represented, but the Thailand listings include more cities than I would have expected, including information about public bathrooms in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Patong, and Phuket, among others. There’s also an amusing entry by someone that says, basically, no matter where you find a public bathroom in Thailand, “you name it….if there’s a bathroom’s nasty.” While that may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, it’s probably still a good idea to take a peek at the bathroom listings on the website before you head out for a day on the town.

I can’t find a way to view the information on The Bathroom Diaries on a mobile device, and although that would make this website even more helpful for travelers I still think the site is useful. It’s easy enough to look at the city listings for wherever you are or will be going that day and make note of a few options for the clean & safe bathrooms – and also the ones you want to avoid! And if you want to add a listing to the site, you can do that as well.

The main Thailand list of cities covered is here.

Public toilets in Thailand in:
Ban Pe
Cha Am
Chiang Mai
Pathum Thani
Thong Sala