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Cheap Hotels in Chiang Mai

cheap hotel chiang maiIt’s fairly easy to stick to a budget in Chiang Mai, even with all its great shopping. There are plenty of cheap digs in a central location, which affords you the leisure of shopping around first. Though you should always book ahead during holidays, in Chiang Mai it is usually okay to find a guesthouse upon arrival.

By far the bulk of cheap hotels in Chiang Mai are located within the walls of the Old City. The north-eastern corner is particularly packed with budget accommodation: tell your tuk-tuk drive to take you to “Moon Muang soi 6 (or 7)” and you should get dropped off right in the thick of cheap guesthouses.

Besides decent nightly rentals, many Chiang Mai hotels offer weekly and monthly rates. These can be an excellent deal, with an average daily rate for as low as $3USD. If you know you’ll be staying for a week or longer, consider booking a stay at a place that offers a weekly or monthly rate.

We have a few cheap guesthouses in Chiang Mai for you to consider; for a more complete search use our booking widget at the bottom of this post:

Amora Thae Pae

The Amora dominates the skyline just outside the east gate of the Old City walls. A large hotel with all the amenities, the Amora is good for business and family travelers. Rooms start as low as $40, putting it at the upper end of the budget spectrum, and run on up to $100. There’s not a ton of personality here, but the views from the upper floors are incredible, especially considering that the Amora is one of the very few high rises in Chiang Mai. You’re right across the street from the Sunday night market, and a short walk to the river and the Wororot day market.

Eurana Boutique Hotel

A charming little place inside the Old City walls, Eurana Boutique Hotel is just that – a boutique guesthouse amongst backpacker digs. Located in the north east corner of the Old City, Eurana has an outdoor pool, a restaurant, a bar and lounge, and a small fitness center. The rooms are individually furnished and decorated, giving the place a personal touch. A breakfast buffet is included in the price (starting around $40USD), and you’ll find little details such as newspapers in the lobby as welcome perks.

RCN Court

A popular backpacker hotel, RCN Court offers decent weekly and monthly rates as well as daily rentals. Rooms are basic hotels rooms, with private baths and floor-to-ceiling bay windows adding a little personality. There’s wifi throughout and a small internet cafe for those traveling without a laptop.  All rooms come with air-conditioning. Rooms start at around $15USD.

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