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Cheap Hostels in Bangkok

Cheap Hostels in Bangkok
the lobby of @Hua Lamphong hostel in Bangkok

Boutique hostels are sprouting across Bangkok like wheat grass at a juice bar, and many of these are swank digs that come with many amenities — and a somewhat high price tag. The good news is that cheap hostels are still plentiful, though, as always, you tend to get what you pay for.

The largest concentration of cheap hostels in Bangkok is centered around Khao San Road. We have a post that focuses entirely on that area here, but in general that neighborhood is a good place to go to find any kind of budget accommodation.

If you’re flying in to Bangkok from an international flight, it’s very wise to book your accommodation ahead of time, at least for the first night or two. Beds can fill during peak season, and you don’t want to be wandering around, sweaty and hot, trying to find a room at midnight. Search for a cheap hostel by using our booking widget (also down below); once you’ve arrived and are more settled, you can shop around for something cheaper or nicer. As always, remember that if something seems too cheap to be true, it likely is; when booking online, bump up your budget for a night or two until you’re able to check out rooms in person.

Following are a couple of our recommendations for hostels in Bangkok, but be sure to shop around to find what fits your needs!

@Hua Lamphong
This newer hostel (it opened in 2010) is situated right across the street from Bangkok’s railway station of the same name. With wifi, a cafe downstairs, air-conditioning, and tastefully decorated rooms, @Hua Lamphong is a great choice for those who want a central location and easy access to public transport (it’s right on the subway line). A six-bed mixed dorm will cost you $10, while a 4-bed single-sex dorm is $12. Private en-suite rooms are also available; the most expensive are $24.

HQ Hostel
One of the new “designer” digs in town, HQ Hostel is a swank affair. HQ is definitely a bit more expensive than other hostels in Bangkok, but it’s a great scene, as well as super clean and comfortable. Done in a calming yet modern white, the contemporary design is artistic and industrial. Besides staying in sweet surrounds, other amenities include free wifi, comfy duvets, 24-hour check-in, air-conditioning, and a central location off of the Skytrain. A ten-bed mixed dorm starts at $14.

[Photo credit: felixtriller, Flickr]