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Bring a Piece of Thailand Home With a Cooking Class

Cooking classes abroad are one of the best ways to bring a country home with you; not only can you savor your own memories, but you can introduce a little piece of your traveling experience to friends and family. Food is more tangible than photos, and the smells and flavors are a great way to evoke a sense of place.

Thailand has no shortage of cooking schools on offer in traveler-packed areas, and most take advantage of the country’s open-air markets. Here, you’ll shop for the unique and varied vegetables and fruits of Southeast Asia, or, in some cases, you’ll get to pick them right from the vine or tree in the school’s garden. Once you have your basic ingredients, instructors will help you prep them by giving attention to the types of cuts or ways to extract pulp and juice. Utensils as well as pots and pans will be provided, and cooking stations will be available for every one to two students. The best part of the class, however, is getting to eat the fruits of your labor! Most will send you home with a cookbook so that you can recreate the recipes.

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Photo credit: WordRidden, Flickr