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Affordable Thailand is Great for Both Expats and Backpackers

bangkok-feb-9Tourists vs travelers; expats vs backpackers … humans have always been inclined to take sides and stand up for certain beliefs. We all tend to fall into some sort of patterns when we work, love or travel.

But regardless of the type of traveler you are or how you prefer to plan your trips, Thailand should be on your radar, as one of the most exciting and affordable places to visit. Everyone will find something to be excited about when it comes to Thailand and many will find the country enticing enough to stick around for a while.

But in order to experience the beauty of the place with little headaches, you should do your research in advance.

The most crowded period in Thailand is from December until April, which also coincides with the dry and cool season. Even so, cheap flights to Asia are not hard to find during the high season but you’ll have to deal with the crowded places. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more relaxed vacation, plan your vacation in September. It’s part of the rainy season but the weather is not that bad. It rains but it doesn’t last for too long (while in October and November sometimes it feels like it rains non stop). September is also the time when the cheapest airfare can be found. And guys, if you are after some carnal pleasure, you should know that the girls are more expensive during the high season, as well.

As for accommodation, it’s always easy to find a cheap hotel in Bangkok but you need to be careful when choosing the location. Get involved in communities and talk to those who have been to Bangkok and ask for recommendations. And ultimately, trust your instinct. If something isn’t feeling right, it probably isn’t.

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