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One Day in Bangkok: What to Do

thailand-floating-marketThailand has always been on the radar for those embarking on discovery adventures. Most of the time, they pick up a round the world ticket which includes several destinations in Asia.

Bangkok is not only a very beautiful city but also a tourist friendly one. It is the perfect introduction to Asia and its customs. It’s got the hustle and bustle of other major Asian towns but without the frustration of dealing with too much unknown.

Is it possible to see most of Bangkok in one day?

After you checked in at the cheap hotel in Bangkok , make sure to sleep well to be rested for the day ahead of you. If you prefer hostels in Bangkok , read the reviews carefully before booking your bed as you really don’t want to end up in too noisy areas (unless you like that, of course).

Markets and shopping

Wake up early to be able to squeeze a lot into your day. Skip breakfast since you are going to check out the floating market first thing in the morning. Cross the Chao Phraya River to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The canals are filled with hand-rowed boats out of which women sell their wears. You’ll find something interesting to eat for sure and you might want to get some treats for later as well.

Then, you might want to check out the famous Khao San Road. There’s an interesting shopping area here and you can find pretty much anything you might think of. If you need to refresh your clothing items, this is where you can shop. And is also a good place to pick up souvenirs for those at home.

The temples

thailand-wat-phra-kaewNow it’s time to visit the Wat Phra Kaew temple. The enormous compound is home to the Royal Palace, as well (which is also an important tourist attraction). Dress properly unless you want to be kicked out (no shorts, sleeveless shirts or flip-flops). You can spend an entire day here so it’s wise to either hire a private guide or do a bit of research in advance.

The oldest and largest temple in Bangkok is Wat Pho, located behind the Royal Palace. Besides visiting it, you might want to try the traditional Thai massage as well. And by the way, should you want to stay in Bangkok for 10 days, you can take the course to learn how to give the traditional Thai massage.

On the eastern side of the Wat Pho temple there’s Chao Phraya River. You can catch a boat to the Wat Arun temple. It is one of the most photographed temples in Thailand.


Now you can walk along Silom Road and check out the shops and stalls. Walk to the end of the street where you’ll find the Red Light District of Bangkok . Despite its reputation, here’s where you can find some excellent restaurants. Take your time to enjoy a good meal after so much sightseeing and walking.

The nightlife

If you are tired, go by the hotel for a quick nap. You’ll also want to experience at least some of the city’s nightlife. There are plenty of places to dance the night away and a good idea is to ask at the hotel lobby or, better yet, ask some locals what they prefer to do at night.

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